Saturday, December 01, 2007

Holiday Promotion!!

I'm offering 10% OFF the entire shop for the month of December. If you have a return coupon or newsletter coupon code, you will get that additional percent off as well. Just enter your codes in the 'notes to seller' section when you check out, then wait for a new updated invoice from me. Can't beat that!! Definitely stop by the shop and do some holiday shopping ... hope to see you there!

ChickieGirlCreations Etsy Shop

Happy Holidays Everyone!! :-)

Friday, November 30, 2007

Made Etsy Front Page!!

Here's the pic of the Etsy Front Page with my Birch Song Necklace, whoo hoo! And I am right next to a fellow pcagoe'er that I admire, blockpartypress. Boy am I flying high now! :-)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Holiday Hairsticks or Shawl Pins!!

I couldn't resist making these! I love snowmen! :-)

I recently found out that my sticks can also be used as shawl pins. I'm so excited about this! I've made sure that the points on my sticks are more rounded so they don't poke and hurt. And the sticks are smooth, but because of the texture it makes them grip. Perfect for hair and knitting. I think I am going to make a shawl for myself now! I loved ponchos when they were a huge trend a few years back, but I love the idea of wrapping a yummy textured shawl around my shoulders and weaving in a fun or funky shawl pin. Well, I'm going on and on here .... did I say I was excited about the shawl pin idea?

Moving on ... So just to mention to those that read my blog ... I only have one more of these guys to list in my shop. Be young and have a little joy and fun this Christmas and winter season with these sticks. :-)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hill Tribes Silver Hairsticks with Earrings!

My daughter has just started dance classes. She's been telling me for a while now that she wanted to go, but I wasn't sure how serious she was. She tries to emulate her current ballet idols, Zoey (from Sesame Street) and Angelina Ballerina (books and PBS series). Usually you have to be three years old to take a dance class, but DD is almost three, so they let her in. She is having a blast! All the girls wear pink and purple. I have to admit, I am gushing with all the adorableness, lol. So, I decided to make these gorgeous, magical, winter like hairsticks and earrings, inspired by The Nutcracker Suite, my favorite ballet. Lots of sparkle and movement, very girly and pretty!

I only had three Hill Tribes Hairsticks, so that is all that is listed. With the sale that is currently going on, it will be a quite a deal, so do not pass this up!

Don't have long hair, but you have fallen in love with these sticks anyway? Don't fret, these will make wonderful shawl pins! In fact, I wish I had one of these for myself. I'd use one on a shawl for Christmas Day. :-)

Well, that's my news ... thanks for taking a peek at my wares! :-)

Friday, November 23, 2007

It's Christmas Time!!! and Sales!!!

Whew! I've barely had time to breath! Thanksgiving was wonderful and now thoughts have turned toward Christmas gift giving. My favorite time of the year! :-)

First some store info ...

Current Sale Offer:
Please inter the correct code(s) in your notes to seller when you check out and I will send you a new updated invoice.

10% Off Entire Store - Code = 10Chickie10

Free Shipping with orders totaling $40.00 or more - Code = 40Free

** Offer ends Sunday, November 25th, midnight EST **

I will be running different sales throughout this month. So take advantage of the savings!

Custom Orders:

I love to do custom orders! If you have something special in mind for yourself or for a gift, do not hesitate to contact me. :-)

I will be taking polymer clay custom orders until December 10th.

I will take any jewelry custom orders until the 15th.

This will ensure that I have enough time to complete the order and that it can be shipped well before Christmas.

And as always .... feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you! :-)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday Night Specials

I'm going to try and offer Saturday Night Specials once in a while. Probably more often than not. So here's the special for tonight:

10% Off Storewide

Free Shipping Worldwide

Please put ** SNS ** in notes to seller when you check out. Then wait for an updated Paypal invoice.

Offer ends tomorrow, Sunday, Oct. 14th, 6:00 am

Thank you!! :-)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Made it on the Etsy Front Page!!

I'm so excited!! The Ocean Sands Necklace was picked (on the bottom middle of the grid). It is such a thrill to see it there and I feel honored to be included in such a beautiful layout!! Thank you!!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Promos and Hairsticks

Promos Going on Now:

10% Entire Order until Sunday Oct. 7th
Free Shipping is being offered as well!!
Special Edition Halloween Hairsticks

Eeep! I've been neglecting this blog a bit because life has a way of getting in the way of these things. :-)

I've jumped back into making hairsticks. Currently I am making charm dangle hairsticks and sculpted polymer clay beads for hairsticks. The newest sculpted beads are Halloween Hairsticks! These were so much fun to make! I was inspired by all the antique shops here in this area that have hand crafted primitive style decor. And I've also been inspired by the moon. I have to say that my daughter has a lot to do with the moon sticks especially. She's 2 1/2 years old and has only just discovered it since the sun started setting earlier. So the moon is a big topic of discussion around here and we are always on the 'look out' for it. So I guess I've rediscovered the beauty of this wondrous satellite as well.

There are only four of the Halloween Hairsticks. So get them while you can! :-)

Also, the Skeerdy Cat Hairstick was featured in the latest entry of Art Bead Scene Blog! I'm so thrilled! Whenever I visit there and see all the amazing talented bead artists, I get a bit whoosy ... so I am thrilled and honored that they used the pic of that hairstick to promote there upcoming contest theme for this month, Goth Queen. Ooo, sounds scary and very cool!

Thank you! :-)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Free Shipping!

Free shipping on entire purchase,including clearance items, to anywhere, for the rest of the month of August!

*** ChickieGirlCreations Etsy Store ***

Take advatage of it now! :-)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Shop Talk!

The Firefly Waters Necklace (mentioned a couple of posts earlier) made second place in the PCAGOE 'Summer Memories' July contest! I am thrilled! Well deserved first place winner was BeTreebyme.etsy, and her favorite summer memory had to do with fireflies also. Great minds think alike I suppose. ;-)

My necklace is also featured in a Treasury listing on Etsy! Take a peek.

I am working hard on some new designs and some new techniques. Trying to develop *who* I am through the creative process. Unfortunately, this takes a bit of time (and patience on my part) to work out. I've already listed a couple of necklaces with newly designed leaf pendants. I do have a few pendants and beads in the works right now. Copper colors and copper findings are really catching my eye right at the moment. And of course, autumnal colors will be making an appearance. I do love those colors, so I am excited to start mixing up some new clay and bead combinations!

Good news! I've added a clearance section in the shop. Prices reflect 20% the original price. I've already gotten a few hits in that sections, so be sure to check it out!

Recently, I've added some earrings. And I will also have a few beaded bracelets that should be ready to list soon. Remember, you can view the newest items in my shop (right here in my blog) by clicking on the pics over there to the right. It will take you directly to ChickieGirl Creations Etsy Shop.

Hope to see you at my shop! Stay tuned for more updates ... :-)

Friday, July 27, 2007

PCAGOE Summer Memories Challenge Entries-Vote and Win

As I mentioned in my previous post, PCAGOE has a challenge every month and this month's theme is 'Summer Memories'. Did I mention that if you vote for the winner you will recieve prizes? Free prizes! ;o) Well, PCAGOE's (Polymer Clay Artists of Etsy) monthly challenge and giveaway is underway!! Go to PCAGOE's website (right now!) and vote for your favorite. You will be entered to win one of 2 prize packs with a value of over $100!

Vote between now and midnight(EST) on July 28th!

Have fun voting!!!!!


Friday, July 20, 2007

Some Projects ....

I have recently been accepted to the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy (PCAGOE). I am inspired and in awe of all the incredibly talented artists there. I'm honored to be a member. I've been working on some projects this past week, one of which has to do with a program called Pendants with a Purpose through PCAGOE, "where artist donate pendants as a part of the Look Good Feel Better program affiliated with the American Cancer Society". For this round of donations the theme was 'hope'. I gained my inspiration from a part of a poem by Emily Dickinson:

HOPE is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all

These pendants are now in the hands of the lovely lady behind The Color of Dreams Etsy Store, who is organizing this ... I pray that all the pendants donated bring some comfort and evoke a renewed sense of hope within the hearts of those that need it most.

Also, I was working on a piece for PCAGOE's July Challenge ... every month there is a challenge and this month the theme was 'summer memories'. One of my fondest summer memories was sitting on the dock, bare feet dangling over the water, watching the sunset and eagerly awaiting the appearance of the magical fireflies. And this is my entry ...

For other quick news about my Etsy store ... I've been working on some 18 inch necklaces with polymer clay pendants. They will be added to the store throughout the next few days. And I will be starting on some hairsticks next week, so hopefully I will have some completed in a couple of weeks.

Have a great weekend everyone! :-)
ETA: Sorry if the pics in this post haven't been showing. I'm not sure what happened, but hopefully you can see them now.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What a Great Day!

Take a peek ... I just realized that my hairsticks made the Etsy front page! I knew something was a muck when I checked my store this evening, lol. I'm so thrilled! This really made my evening! I am so honored to have been chosen. Thank you! :-)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Turquoise Crackled Green Swirly Sticks

Hello! Just a quick post this morning ... There are a new pair of Swirly Hairsticks listed in my Etsy Store. Have a gander. More items will be listed this week.

Thank you! :0)

Friday, June 15, 2007

New Product! Memory Wire Choker Necklaces

I fell in love with memory wire this past Christmas. I made quite a few for my early-teenage neices and they all loved them. I couldn't get the chokers out of my mind and have been dying to make a few for my store. They are so easy to wear and comfortable. No fumbling with clasps. That makes it very easy for a mommy! It is so hard to look and feel pretty when you are always on the go with the kiddos. But also, if one has issues with using their hands, this makes it possible to wear jewelry. You'd think that without a clasp they'd fall of, but they stay on and stay put. Another positive is that memory wire is non-tarnish and corrosion resistant.

So, here are some pics. They are both in the store. I will be listing more over the next few weeks. So, please come back again and see what's new. Thank you for looking! :-)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Turquoise and Green Swirly Hairsticks

Here's another pair of square-ish Swirly Hairsticks. This is from the bead set I posted a few entries earlier. The pics here are a bit better, but it was still hard to capture some of the paisley-like detail. I love green so I was *very* tempted to keep this pair for myself!

I have a couple more Swirly Sticks to list over the next week or two, so please come back to check out more pics!


On a more personal note, my cat Mags isn't doing well. I had mentioned I was concerned about her, as well as my dog Rosie, earlier this year. She had also been diagnosed with kidney failure around the same time as Rosie. Mags is 18 yrs. old and may be suffering from chronic renal failure due to her old age. My poor kitty has been going downhill fast this past week. She hasn't been eating at all the past 5 days and I am really concerned. She saw her vet yesterday, so we will see what the lab results will be. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. We truly just want to make her comfortable as possible. Thank you!

Friday, June 08, 2007

New Swirly Hairsticks!

I will be listing a few new ChickieGirl Creations Swirly Hairsticks in the next few weeks, as well as other jewelry, so be sure to pop in from time to time to check it out. :-)

Here's a set that I just listed. Purple ... maybe I should've called them 'Purple Passion' or something like that. I'm horrible with naming my jewelry, lol. It was a lot of fun making these square-ish beads. Anyway ... there is a pair of matching dangle earrings too, so check out my Etsy Store.

Thank you! :0)

ETA: Well, sorry folks, the Purple Hairsticks and Earrings sold fast ... (someone was waiting for them, and I wasn't sure she would like them ... so I posted about them here ... but I'm glad she was able to purchase them.) I may list another pair tomorrow. In the mean time, I'll add a pic of the earrings here for your viewing pleasure.