Thursday, November 29, 2007

Holiday Hairsticks or Shawl Pins!!

I couldn't resist making these! I love snowmen! :-)

I recently found out that my sticks can also be used as shawl pins. I'm so excited about this! I've made sure that the points on my sticks are more rounded so they don't poke and hurt. And the sticks are smooth, but because of the texture it makes them grip. Perfect for hair and knitting. I think I am going to make a shawl for myself now! I loved ponchos when they were a huge trend a few years back, but I love the idea of wrapping a yummy textured shawl around my shoulders and weaving in a fun or funky shawl pin. Well, I'm going on and on here .... did I say I was excited about the shawl pin idea?

Moving on ... So just to mention to those that read my blog ... I only have one more of these guys to list in my shop. Be young and have a little joy and fun this Christmas and winter season with these sticks. :-)
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