Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hill Tribes Silver Hairsticks with Earrings!

My daughter has just started dance classes. She's been telling me for a while now that she wanted to go, but I wasn't sure how serious she was. She tries to emulate her current ballet idols, Zoey (from Sesame Street) and Angelina Ballerina (books and PBS series). Usually you have to be three years old to take a dance class, but DD is almost three, so they let her in. She is having a blast! All the girls wear pink and purple. I have to admit, I am gushing with all the adorableness, lol. So, I decided to make these gorgeous, magical, winter like hairsticks and earrings, inspired by The Nutcracker Suite, my favorite ballet. Lots of sparkle and movement, very girly and pretty!

I only had three Hill Tribes Hairsticks, so that is all that is listed. With the sale that is currently going on, it will be a quite a deal, so do not pass this up!

Don't have long hair, but you have fallen in love with these sticks anyway? Don't fret, these will make wonderful shawl pins! In fact, I wish I had one of these for myself. I'd use one on a shawl for Christmas Day. :-)

Well, that's my news ... thanks for taking a peek at my wares! :-)
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