Saturday, June 09, 2007

Turquoise and Green Swirly Hairsticks

Here's another pair of square-ish Swirly Hairsticks. This is from the bead set I posted a few entries earlier. The pics here are a bit better, but it was still hard to capture some of the paisley-like detail. I love green so I was *very* tempted to keep this pair for myself!

I have a couple more Swirly Sticks to list over the next week or two, so please come back to check out more pics!


On a more personal note, my cat Mags isn't doing well. I had mentioned I was concerned about her, as well as my dog Rosie, earlier this year. She had also been diagnosed with kidney failure around the same time as Rosie. Mags is 18 yrs. old and may be suffering from chronic renal failure due to her old age. My poor kitty has been going downhill fast this past week. She hasn't been eating at all the past 5 days and I am really concerned. She saw her vet yesterday, so we will see what the lab results will be. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. We truly just want to make her comfortable as possible. Thank you!
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