Friday, February 15, 2008

Computer Troubles

Aren't computers supposed to make life easier? Hmmmm ... yes, until they don't work anymore, lol! Well, they say that bad things happen in three's ... it started with out car breaking down in the middle of a city a few weeks ago. Then my inkjet printer just stopped printing. The last one is my computer's hard drive just died on me. When we went to have it diagnosed, it was confirmed that the drive was gone (and did I back up? Umm, not everything!). We asked if we could get another drive installed. We were gently informed that our computer is considered "vintage". Gah! Well, such is life. And I firmly believe these things happen for a reason. :-)

To be thankful, we have a laptop, so I was able to continue with my Etsy Shop and Flickr. Even so, I still had another challenge I had to overcome .... I had my only photo editing program on the computer that crashed. After a bit of sulking and cruising the net, I found Picnik and fell in to relief and happiness. I am still playing around with it, but I am able to edit my photos the way I like. It is free with the option to upgrade. I decided to upgrade because I wanted to use some of the features offered with it. I figure that I will be using this online photo editing site for quite a while. I can also post right to my Flickr once I am done playing with my photos which is a huge convenience. You can also upload and transfer to Photobucket, Picassa, Webshots, Facebook .... I am so thrilled I found it! Go check it out.

The pics are just some of my latest work using Picnik. I am still making the tree pendants (having a lot of fun making these!) and I've been recently been making some dangle earrings and hairsticks or shawl pins.

Now to get my printer working ....
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