Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ice Ice Baby!

I love this time of year. The pace really picks up in anticipation of the upcoming holidays and working in the studio is no exception! The shop is being filled up with artful pendants and inspirational pieces. As of late, I have been using resin in my work, and I have to say Ice Resin® is my favorite. It is a non yellowing, crystal clear, jeweler's grade two part epoxy resin.  Now, I'll be honest, I haven't used a lot of different brands, but one big reason I love Ice Resin® is because it's actually very forgiving as far as resins go. It is hard after a day, so you are able to handle and work with it. And at this point you can fix little mistakes, like pour overs by peeling them off or sanding. It takes a fews days to fully cure and once it's cured it is rock hard! And smooth as glass. Love it!

A great book to have in your creative library if you can get it is Explore, Create, Resinate: Mixed Media Techniques Using Ice Resin® by Jen Cushman. It has step by step tutorials, tips and tricks, and shows you how to fix mistakes (love that part!).

Another book that would be a must have, especially if you would like to take your mixed media resin creations to the next level, is Resin Alchemy: Innovative Techniques for Mixed Media and Jewelry Artists by Susan Lenart Kazmer. I do not have this book yet, oh but I will ... oh yes, I will!

If you use resin, what is your favorite brand to use and why?

Keep creating and try something new! Blessings!

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