Saturday, June 15, 2013

Art Journaling

I hadn't been art journaling as often as I should or would have liked. Just as I was giving myself a little push to get back into it, I found Daisy Yellow's Index-Card-A-Day Challenge (ICAD). Perfect! Just what I needed to get back into that creative mode again. It runs from June 1 to July 31, but I came into it late and that's a-ok according to the official ICAD FAQ ... it says:

"Create something on a 3x5" index card every day for 61 days. If you start after June 1 you do not need to catch up, really, seriously, just start. You can do more at the end if you wish. But get going, that is what is important."

Works for me! So I've jumped right in and have made six index cards so far. (happy dance!)

Here are some of the most recent cards I've completed:

If you have been out of your creative groove, or are in some sort of emotional type rut, perhaps consider doing something like this ... quick, easy and just what the muse and soul ordered.
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