Friday, January 04, 2008

New Years Resolutions

Ah, yes that time of year. Time to think about all the things we need to change ... it is overwhelming. Another person in the Etsy Polymer Clay Guild (PCAGOE) posted this article by Christine Kane (click here). I thought it was very interesting, so I'm posting a link here. It gives a different twist on resolutions and has helped me think about how I'd like to go about my resolutions for this year. I'd never heard of Christine Kane, so I took a listen to her music and I like it very much! Hmmm, I may be a new fan. :-)

While on the subject of resolutions, I participated in this months PCAGOE Monthly Challenge, which was focused on New Years Resolutions. Here's my entry:

And here's what I wrote about my entry:

"This is my entry for this month's PCAGOE Challenge, New Year's Resolution. I've always loved trees ... the textures, the colors, their strength, and even the sound they make when the wind blows through their leaves and branches. This particular tree, to me, represents a resilience that I'd like to develop in the upcoming year; to be stronger and healthier physically, emotionally, spiritually and to always remember who I am. I hope that this will spill into my creative works as well."

There are a lot of great entries, so please take a moment to stop by the guild website and vote. Plus, if you vote you will be entered to win a prize pack valuing over $150.00. Not too shabby!! :-)

Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy Website

Here is another tree pendant I've done. I had listed another one earlier, but it sold. However, I am making more of these as time allows. So if you are interested in something like this, stop by the shop every so often. I'd like to make these tree pendants a regular item in my store. And if you see something you'd like, but maybe you'd prefer a different color or shape, feel free to contact me about a custom order. :-)

Thanks so much and Happy New Year everyone!!
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